Kevin Davies


I Make Things Work

About Me

A Renaissance Man of tech and Firearms

I’m Kevin Davies, a self-taught technology enthusiast and experienced firearms professional.

I took to all things “geek” at a very young age when my father brought home our very first desktop PC running DOS. Ever since then I’ve been teaching myself everything I can about technology and computers.

Fuelled by my time in the firearms industry, I developed a passion for sport shooting, tactical gear, and firearms training. I am very knowledgeable on these subjects and enjoy teaching these skills and offering advice to others.

3D Printing

Need a custom 3D part or accessory designed? Or maybe you just want an existing design sliced and printed. Click below!

Technology Services

IT consulting or on-site technology installation for computers, network equipment, televisions, printers, and even cabling! Click below to learn more.

Firearms Armorer and Instructor

Interested in utilizing my knowledge and skill as a modern firearms armorer? Would you like instruction on firearms use in Canada? Click below to send me a message and inquire about the services I offer!