Kevin Davies

About Me

A Renaissance Man of technology and Firearms

I’m Kevin Davies, a self-taught technology enthusiast and experienced firearms professional.

I took to all things “geek” at a very young age when my father brought home our very first desktop PC running DOS. Ever since then I’ve been teaching myself everything I can about technology and computers. I took every computer course available through the school system and continued learning in my free time.

Fuelled by my time in the firearms industry, I developed a passion for sport shooting, tactical gear, and firearms training. This lead me to a job with Brink’s Canada to get some experience as an “Armed Professional”. I am very knowledgeable on these subjects and enjoy teaching these skills and offering advice to others.

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My Skills

Web Design

Experienced in website development, design, and even hosting. Preferred tools include WordPress, Elementor, Adobe Dreamweaver, and Photoshop.

Computer Hardware

I've built hundreds of business workstations, servers, and gaming PCs over 15 years. I can design systems to a budget or to performance requirements.

Network Infrastructure & Configuration

Extensive experience installing commercial and residential IT networks. Everything from structured cabling, to routers, switches, Wi-Fi access points, IP security cameras, access control systems, and even VoIP phone networks.

3D Printing

I've been 3D printing since 2020 and have completed several successful design-to-product projects. If you need something printed, I can probably make it happen!

Photography & Videography

As a hobbyist photographer I have experience in all sorts of different photography and videography scenarios. I have created various YouTube videos, marketing videos, product photo shoots, portraits, and landscape photography.

Adobe Photoshop & Premiere

Capturing a photograph or recording a video with the right settings, angles, and lighting are very important. I can touch up and edit photos, or combine and produce video with these excellent pieces of software.

Firearms Armorer

Having worked in a Special Projects team within a gun store, I have extensive knowledge disassembling, cleaning, modifying, repairing, and reassembling various types of firearms. Everything from hunting shotguns to tactical duty carbines.

Firearms Instructor

I frequently taught various different courses during my previous employment and continue to volunteer to assist with various courses.

My Resume

CPKC Police Communications Officer

2021 - Present

Helping those that help others, Communications Officers, Telecommunicators, Dispatchers, or 911 Operators. Whatever you prefer to call us, we are the invisible few that assist the first responders to any emergency.

Brink's Canada - Armed Guard

2018 - 2019

Brink’s specializes in the secure transportation and handling of valuable goods throughout the logistics chain. As an Armed Guard I operated Brink’s armored trucks and maintained security over various liabilities such as currency and precious metals and gemstones.

Calgary Shooting Centre - Various Roles

2015 - 2021

By combining my experience and passion for firearms and technology, I was able to effectively streamline the web store ordering process as an eCommerce Manager. Prior to this I worked as a Special Projects Supervisor, a truly versatile position, working in every aspect of CSC. From hour-to-hour I changed responsibilities from Retail Floor Supervisor, to Range Maintenance Technician, then onto working in the shop as a Gunsmith or assisting with a firearms training course as an Assistant Instructor. I worked my way up to the special projects team as I was originally a Range Officer and Sales Associate.

Memory Express Inc - Various Roles

2013 - 2015

My website design knowledge landed me a job in the Memory Express head office as a Web Data Manager, creating web pages for all new products that Memory Express brought into inventory. We also created custom pages for promotions and events. Prior to that, I worked the Customer Service desk at the busiest location in Calgary. I excelled in this position as my technical knowledge and communications skills aided many customers experiencing problems with their purchases or seeking support for their computer problems. I originally started my employment in the Web Sales department, picking and packing orders and providing customer support for online orders.