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IT Consulting

Technology can be daunting, let me plan out your changes, upgrades, or new installations!

Computer Hardware

Building purpose-built computer systems of all types, business workstations, servers, gaming PCs, I build them all!

Voice & Data Cabling

Proper low-voltage cabling is the backbone of your entire IT solution, let me ensure best practices and organization!

Network Infrastructure

Installation of routers, switches, wireless bridges, LTE backups, and all other network hardware.

Network Configuration

Sometimes, plugging everything in is only half the battle. I can organize and secure VLANs, setup guest networks, etc.

Security Cameras

Add a high level of deterrence and get advanced security camera coverage for your property.

Wi-Fi Access Points

Wireless network access is very convenient when it works! Let me configure and optimize your wireless for best coverage!

3D Printing

If you need a custom part designed and produced, 3D printing can provide rapid prototypes or final products.

IT Consulting

I’ll work with you do come up with a strategy to balance your needs, budget, and technology requirements. This is normally the first step for anyone that’s starting a new project or doesn’t know what they need. Head over to the contact page and send me an email to start!

Computer Hardware

With hundreds of PC builds to my name, I can build desktop or server systems with custom hardware specific to your needs and budget. I build everything from high-end gaming PC’s to basic small form factor workstations and rackmount servers.

Voice & Data Cabling

Quality structured cable is the backbone of your entire IT network. A general contractor or electrician can generally pull cable to the required location. I will ensure proper termination, organization, and labeling to make troubleshooting a breeze. I also do network room cleanups as seen below!

UniFi Network Infrastructure

New network hardware installations, or upgrades for older equipment that no longer meets the mark. I can install routers, switches, wireless point-to-point bridges, LTE backups, and various other infrastructure hardware. I prefer Ubiquiti UniFi network equipment, but am also familiar with TP-Link Omada and other vendors.

UniFi Network Configuration

There’s much more to a quality voice and data network than just buying some fancy hardware and plugging in some cables. Wi-Fi signal should be mapped and configured, network traffic rules can enhance security and prioritize important data.

UniFi Security Cameras

With a UniFi Protect security camera system you will have a powerful network video recorder that allows you to remotely view live cameras, watch recordings, set scheduled recordings, and much more! Rest easy knowing your property will be fully covered in the event of an incident or security concern.

UniFi Wi-Fi Wireless Networks

Wi-Fi is an incredibly useful and convenient tool to access your network when it works. When it doesn’t, it can be the source of endless frustration and confusion. Let me help with a Wi-Fi signal map of your property to identify dead zones and interference from neighboring wireless networks. I can install more access points or adjust configurations to optimize your existing wireless network.

3D Printing

3D printing is an additive manufacturing method where materials (usually plastics) are extruded through a heated nozzle and joined together to create 3D objects. I can design and print parts, adapters, or other objects as required for your needs. Typically I offer this as an additional service for my IT installation services for things such as rackmount adapters or access point / camera mount solutions.