Kevin Davies

Ubiquiti UniFi Switch Flex Mini Desk Mount

I’ve been using a couple of UniFi Switch Flex Mini’s (USW-FM) for basic switching in some non-critical areas. These are handy for when you have several low bandwidth devices in one location and you don’t want to home-run everything. They can be powered by Power over Ethernet (PoE), so all you need to do is run data cabling. They do have a USB-C port for stand-alone power on the back.

I’d like to mount these things securely and inconspicuously, on walls and under desks in some scenarios, and they don’t come with any mounting options built in. Time to fire up Fusion 360 for a 3D printing project! First thing was to get some reference dimensions off of the USW-FM and make a very basic reference model.

Very exciting! Since my design isn’t going to bother with the fancy curvature on the top and bottom sides of the device, I didn’t bother taking the time to measure it out and model it in. Moving on from here we needed to start putting together the actual base sketch for the mount itself!

Once the base sketch is there it’s just as simple as a few extrusions here, some fillets and chamfers there…

And with that we have our final piece! There is some liberties in the above animation regarding some polishing steps (tweaking fillets and corners, etc), but it shows the general process I took to get there! Now we just need to 3D print the part, and that came with some basic painted on supports for the “ears” that hold the screws.

With the 3D print slicing complete, it was time to hit “Print” on the printer and watch the part come to life! With my settings this only took about an hour and a half with printer setup and post-processing.

There are two 3mm holes on the bottom side that align with the reset button, so it doesn’t matter what orientation you have the device in the bracket, the reset button is accessible. Why would you have it backwards? Only need 3 of the 5 ports? Who knows, but since it’s possible I figured I might as well model both holes.

You can place the device into this bracket in any of the 4 possible orientations based on your preference, but I’d recommend placing it as shown. That way you always have access to the reset button and all of the ports.

If you like this design and would to print it for yourself, it’s available on Cults!