Kevin Davies

Workstation USB Hub Mount

My workplace uses some USB hubs to connect peripherals to desktop computer towers that are hidden away inside the desk. These were normally just flopping around on the desks and made a big cable mess. Fortunately our Xybix Consoles have a integrated cable management and peripheral connection “trench” built right into the back of the tabletop. However, the existing UBS ports in there are at an angle that makes it difficult to connect devices. I designed a bracket to mount our USB hubs into the trench and orient the ports upward for easy access.

As always, I started with some measurements of the trench bracket as well as the USB hub itself. Limiting the measurements and mock models to the parts that would interface with the bracket to save time.

Once I had the reference material, it was just a matter of building up the bracket around the hub and then deciding on an interface method to connect with the trench. I opted to design in a couple of alignment tabs as well as two clips to clamp onto the bottom of the trench. The alignment tabs pop through the existing slots in the base of the trench that are normally used by Xybix to attach their own connections. The outer clips are designed to flex over and latch into place.

And with that process, we come up with our final product, ready to be deployed. Several prints later and every desk is now a little more organized!